All about "Man Pro"

Man Pro -Product Overview-

What is ManPro?

1. General Information about Mangatari

Our mangas are very popular in the genre of “Revenge type” Youth Comic for men.>>>Click here for the detail

-Mangatari’s recent top sales manga-

Our manga are also very popular in the genre of “Love Story” type comics for women. 

We have our own label “Mangarita” on the online manga platform “Mecha Comic

One of our topsales mangas is “ToMawari

2. Production Process

Workflow Details

1. Assigning Editor

Responsible person: Editor

The editor is responsible for making sure that the quality of manga, as a product, is above a certain level as the product.

2. Assigning naming author

Responsible person: Naming author

The naming author is responsible for the story-telling part of the manga. A professional naming author will be responsible to construct the direction of manga.

3. Assigning drawing artist

Responsible person: Drawing artist

Character Design and front cover drawing to be simultaneously conducted.

The main focus here is to draw the main lines to enhance the quality of drawing.

4. Assigning assistant

Responsible person: Assistant

An assistant will be responsible for the We will arrange an assistant including assigning to the project, payment to an assistant, and project management.

5. Assigning finalization personnel

Responsible person: Finalizing personnel (multiple persons)

Typesetting and converting to the releasing file is their responsibility. This is also an important process in terms of ensuring the overall quality.

6. Assigning front design personnel

Responsible person: Front cover painter, front cover designer

End-to-end contract with the specialised artist related to all the front cover design completion. We will plan the schedule, production, and copyright-related contracts.

7. Assigning director

Responsible person: Director

The director will be responsible for overall planning & production from the beginning till the end.

3. Why Mangatari Inc.?

Assigning a potential mangaka

We will propose the most suitable mangaka based on their work history, skillset and genres.

We propose the best mangaka for your case by providing the possible mangaka list of ours.

Assignment of Mangaka

We have a resource to reach to new mangaka on our CEO’s X(ex- Twitter) account @mangatari_maeda.

The recruitment will be announced in CEO’s X account.

The pure engagement of the followers and the potential retweet of the recruiting post can reach many X users which makes it possible to receive more application for the position for the project.

We always understand the goal of the project. We put importance on understanding the workflow, KPI, the purpose of the project etc. to fulfil “Client’s success”.

We usually ask clients to fill in the “Consulting Sheet” so that we can both of us can be on the same page.

Corprate Culture

Each project has its own team.
We try to maintain communication by using Slack channels.

By using Slack Channel for internal communication, we can easily maintain a high standard of motivated result-driven team members.

This channel includes the editors and the directors of the project.

This enables us to ensure that our productivity is at a high level and everyone is motivated.

Production / Optimized Production Process

Managatari Inc. has an aspect of IT company as well.
We have been strictly focusing on optimizing everything except for the “Creative” part of making manga.

Optimize Workflow, Focus more on creative!

We always try to optimize as many as possible except for the creative part.

-Optimization based on the xperienceds
-Customize as much as we can to respect your workflow

Production / Visible Scheduling

Assign, planning, production phase are organised visually.
We report project’s progress to the clients constantly except for the production phase..

We set up some meetings occasionally.

The director is responsible for managing the overall scheduling including the punctuality of the project; the gantt chart is visible at any time.

This also makes it possible to avoid the internal misunderstanding on the scheduling.

Production / Low cost strategy

Typesetting, epub, BSF, Colouring, Converting to vertical writing etc… Outsourcing to our partner company “Tuosi Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Advertisement / Social Media Engagement

We will also assist the promotion of the released manga by our own Social Media strategy.

-Sample account-

Our account specialises in promoting comics for Mangaritaon Mecha Comi.

We “create” together but also “promote” together. Promotion director “Rita“ is the account character


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